John House

Triumph with faith

Dr. Isaac John, the founder president of ACA, from 1976-86 established the seminary in Bangalore. His administrative experience helped develop the fledgling institution. Dr. John’s vision for the institution was to upgrade it into the finest universities in which portals will be opened to people from all walks of life.

George House

Reach for the Stars

Dr. Joy M. George, the President of ACA since 1986 is also a life-member of the council. The School owes its establishment and growth to his unstinting support in all areas. Dr. George’s fine principles are incorporated into the tradition of the school.

Burns House

Fight the Good Fight

​Dr. Lanier Burns is the President of the American Council of Asian Christian Academy since its inception in 1973. Dr. Burns envisaged the establishment of the orphanage, a hospital and a school apart from the Academy. He takes keen interest in the development of the institution.

Ledbetter House

Bouncing Beyond the Blue

​Mr. Terry Ledbetter is the member of the American Council and an ardent supporter and well-wisher of ACA and ACHS. His keen interest in the development of the school is evident in his personal interest in the construction of many building projects of the school.


Maintaining good grades is not only the only avenue of obtaining a college scholarship. Our various elective club activities help uncover student interests and strengths. Our after school activities help in honing these skills for our students’ futures. Though academics is our school’s primary focus, a holistic development of the student is our vision.


At Asian Christian High School, we provide opportunities for students in developing their artistic talent. Students learn singing, dance, drama & art. These represent a set of shared attitudes, values, goals and practices.


Our Physical Education program focuses on maintaining physical fitness. Learning more about health and wellness inculcates positive social skills in our students.